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What to Expect/FAQs About Our Home

Retirement Home Living at the Berkeley means you will be able to enjoy both the privacy of your own spacious room and bath, while at the same time enjoying the companionship of other Berkeley Retirement Home residents when socializing and dining. All of our home cooked meals are served in a bright, family-style dining room under the direction of our registered dietician. We believe in providing the type of Retirement Home environment and the necessary support that will result in your greatest level of independence. Berkeley Retirement Home and Nursing Center staff is committed to treating all residents with dignity and strives to help them achieve the highest quality of life possible.

In 1994, a 19 bed nursing center was added to Berkeley Retirement Home to service the needs of our retirement home and the local community. At The Berkeley Nursing Center, we combine highly-personalized care and a skilled, professional, staff.


The Berkeley Nursing Center is Medicare and Medicaid approved and is fully-certified as a skilled Nursing Center by state & federal agencies. Under the direction of our Medical Director and Nursing Director, we provide a full range of medical and rehabilitative services, activities, and amenities for those requiring long and short-term care, respite care, and hospice care.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I'm ready for a retirement community. Shouldn't I wait until I need to move?

The best time to make a move to any retirement community is while you are active and in good health. Residing at Berkeley will free you completely from the worries and responsibilities of maintaining your own home, so you'll have time to do the things you've always wanted to do. If you wait until you need assistance to make your move, you may miss out on many of the joys of active retirement living.

Why do people choose to live at Berkeley Retirement & Nursing Center?

The Berkeley provides cost-effective apartment style living with an all inclusive package of meals, laundry, housekeeping, activities and medications for seniors seeking an independent living experience in a warm home–like environment.

Is the facility Medicaid certified?

Our skilled nursing unit is both Medicare and Medicaid certified. For those individuals who have limited financial resources and are interested in our Retirement Unit, we are certified with the Medicaid program called Emergency Assistance to Elderly, Disabled and Children.

Is living at Berkeley affordable?

Yes our daily rates are lower than assisted livings and are all inclusive whereas assisted livings require payments for services above room charges.

Is the private room rate fixed, or subject to change?

Private room rates are subject to change annually.

What type of residence will I have at Berkeley Retirement Home?

Most are like studio apartments with a private bath. However we also have small and large suites with additional space.

May I decorate my living space as I wish?

 We encourage you to bring the things you are comfortable with from your home. YOU are the decorator.

What do you mean by "maintenance-free living"?

At Berkeley Retirement Community, you will be completely free from the worries and responsibilities of maintaining your own home – – you'll never push a lawnmower, lift a snow shovel, wield a leaf blower, or fix a faucet.

Will I be able to bring my car?

Transportation can be arranged for those in need for medical appointments.  The Berkeley home will provide transportation for various planned group social events.

Will my pet be allowed?

We are unable to accommodate pets.

I think I'd like to reserve my spot -- what is my next step?

We invite you to come for a visit! Please call to schedule a personalized tour so you can find out all you need to know about Berkeley Retirement Community. It's never too early to start planning for your ideal retirement. Why not start today? Contact us to view to schedule your visit!